Solar Installer Farm

Increasingly, New York farms are turning to renewable energy technologies to cut costs and improve energy reliability. Prior to beginning his career in solar energy, Lampros Solar’s founder, Tom Lampros, worked on a small dairy farm in Central New York. While studying agriculture, he realized that farming and renewable energy were very compatible. Tom founded Lampros Solar to help the farmers of Washington County and surrounding upstate New York communities find affordable paths to solar and other renewable energy technologies.

How It Works

Renewable energy fits the sustainable lifestyle choice of New York’s dedicated, hard-working farmers. Photovoltaic (PV) systems convert sunlight into direct current (DC) electricity, which is then converted to alternating current (AC) and fed directly into the electrical grid. These systems utilize net metering, which allows the owner to buy electricity in times of need, and sells electricity as it’s made, literally spinning the meter backwards.

Solar electricity directly offsets the power a home or farm uses.

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Payment Options

From the farmhouse to the milk-house, dairy farms require huge energy input. Electric bills can quickly eat up your profits. Solar systems can provide needed relief, particularly when you factor in the numerous financial incentives programs available to farmers through NYSERDA, the USDA and from state and federal income tax credits. We work closely with sustainable farming resources such as SARE (Sustainable Agriculture and Research and Education).

Free Consultation

Contact Lampros Solar today for a free consultation about your farm’s unique energy requirements. We’re more than just PV contractors. We’ve spent a lifetime in solar PV technology, as engineers, inventors, and installers. We know solar PV. And we live and work here, where you do.

Lampros Solar is also developing solutions for heating water-troughs in the wintertime and for methane digesters to convert farm waste to usable biogas. We will be happy to discuss these developments with you, and keep you informed as they become commercially available.