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Lampros Solar is your trusted installer of environmentally-friendly solar panels.

What Our Clients Say

"Tom Lampros completed the installation of our 2KW system on our new home. The original electrician had really screwed things up and had to be let go. Tom brought the system up to code and helped us pass inspection. He brought great knowledge to the project, which helped me to understand how it all functioned as a single power-producing system. He communicated well and did what he said he would do, which is rare in the world of contractors. Tom is also very honest and was very accurate with his billing.” Norman S. Read More >>

The Lampros Solar Difference

The solar PV (photovoltaic) industry is now growing faster in the U.S. than in Europe where it began. People who are concerned about the planet’s future or looking to reduce their own power expenses, are making the move to solar power for their homes, businesses, and farms.

If you’ve been considering going solar, there are several incentives which make it attractive. But who should you turn to for this critical investment? Lampros Solar believes it’s important to keep solar PV local, using components and equipment sourced in the U.S.A.

We are a company with a wealth of renewable energy expertise and decades of experience in solar energy technologies. As a team of hard working, reliable New York locals with international experience, we have the engineering knowledge and experience to design the right solution for your unique needs.

Worried about the cost of solar? We have the financial know-how to make it affordable using our relationship with local banks. Check out the Lampros Solar difference!